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Oil Slick Beach Tar Remover (4oz)

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Oil Slick is a handmade formula designed to efficiently and effectively remove the beach tar off skin, shoes, sandals, and even surfboards! Oil Slick is completely non-toxic, eco-friendly, smells great and is made here locally in the Santa Barbara County area.

Customer Reviews

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Kinsey Service

Got it for our dogs when we have to clean their paws after beach runs, only to read the instructions "Do not apply on pets". When an anticipated solution becomes a non-solution.

Best tar remover

We always manahe to get tar on our shoes or feet. This works excellent to easily and efficiently remove tar off of shoes and skin. Found the product during a trip to Santa Barbara removed tar off sandals, feet, and tennis shoes eaily. I love the wipes for the convenience, but the spray works well too. Wish it were sold in southern California stores instead of having to wait for a shipment.

Barbara Mason
Fastest tar removal!

Works faster than anything and it smells great!! So happy to have this in a convenient spray bottle to keep by the door.

Eric Petersen
Most Amazing Tar Remover

Living by the beach, we go on beach walks multiple times a week and often end up with tar on our feet, shoes and beach gear. It's always been a chore getting the tar off, until now. We recently purchased a bottle of Oil Slick Tar Remover and it works like magic. Best tar remover ever! Also, we no longer need to use toxic chemicals like gasoline or acetone to get tar off our feet and gear. Stop reading already and buy it.

Susan L

Wow! Spray a little, wipe off and tar is gone. No residue. Pleasant smell. It’s magical. I highly recommend it.