Oil Slick

#1 Beach

Tar Remover

In the Santa Barbara County Area

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#1 Beach

Tar Remover

In the Santa Barbara County Area

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#1 Beach

Tar Remover

In the Santa Barbara County Area

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What is Oil Slick

Oil Slick is a handmade formula designed to efficiently and effectively remove the beach tar off skin, shoes, sandals, and even surfboards! Oil Slick is completely non toxic, eco-friendly, smells great and is made here locally in the Santa Barbara county area.

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The Reason I Created Oil Slick

"The problem I have with beach tar is not that it ruins my surfboard when I go surfing, but that I see countless of people using petroleum-based products on the beach to remove the tar such as gasoline, lighter fluid, WD40, Goo Gone, and baby oil believe it or not is actually a petroleum-based product. I created Oil Slick to provide a more eco-friendly and safer alternative to using these harsh chemicals on our skin and for the sake of our beautiful Santa Barbara and surrounding beaches." - John Harmon

Oil Slick Features

All Natural Ingredients

We use only natural ingredients to make sure we deliver a healthy product

Non Toxic

Our formula is much safer to use than gasoline or goo gone

Eco Friendly

Our formula contains no petrochemicals or any chemicals that harm the environment  

Plant Based Formula

Our formula is a blend of Citrus Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides, and D-Limonene. 

BPA Free

Our packaging is free of BPA and the bottle is recycleable

Efficient & Powerful

The 4-oz bottle puts out approximately 800 sprays and it only takes a little more than a few sprays to take the tar off your feet

Featured product

Oil Slick Eco Wipes (20ct)

Oil Slick eco wipes are bamboo fiber wipes that hold the oil slick formula. These are great for a day trip to the beach and fit perfectly in your beach bag


I highly recommend Oil Slick to anyone who has an issue with tar

– John Bircham

I like Oil Slick for its smell and ease of use when it comes to taking tar off my kids.

– Jenn Bircham

We didn't have Oil Slick when I was in college, but i'm glad Oil Slick is in my life now.

– Zach Gill

I love Oil Slick, I take it on every surf trip I go

– Kevin Tran

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